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We are expanding the business at the moment and if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or investor we would love to hear from you. We are offering marketing space on mine and Libertino's equipment, the website, social media, book, seminars and workshops. Mojca competes regularly on international dressage compeitions and teaches on many yards around UK and beyond.


Lessons, Schooling


Improving horses and riders is my biggest passion. I believe the horse should enjoy working with us and it is our responsibility to make it clear, fair and fun for them, irrelevant of the level or discipline.  

Equine Sport Massage


Horses absolutely love it! Some of them yawn, gently chew, lean on me, rock their body to get more pressure and some even fall a sleep. As a result your horse will be more relaxed, flexible and supple. 

Seminars and Workshops


Dressage Theory Basics, Going Laterally, Watching GP with Mojca, 

Happy Horse=Happy Rider, New Level and many more... Great fun whilst learning!


The Dressage Dictionary


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This Dressage Dictionary explains all main dressage terms from introductory level to medium level in a clear and easy way using lots of pictures and diagrams. 

The main idea behind this dressage dictionary is simple: if you learn the theory off the horse, you can spend your riding time practising, which will enable quicker progression. Equally important, your horse will appreciate your clearer application of aids and so have better understanding of your intentions!

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